Thursday, December 6, 2012

Disney Dragon Debut at WDW

Disney finally rolled out the new dragon and had it fly around the castle for the grand opening of New Fantasyland.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Fantasyland Dragon Flies (AKA Shades of Pandora?)

Remember way back when I posted about Disneyland's dragon (aka Murphy)?  (Yes, Murphy has since returned to service in Disneyland's Fantasmic.)

Well, it looks like Disney World has taken its own cue and released the beast tonight!

This video was posted on the Disney Parks Blog earlier today:

While this dragon has yet to be given a name, it certianly appears to be the sign of things to come, as my esteemed co-author Kyle speculated about as well. It's clearly not Elliot of Pete's Dragon fame, nor is it Figment of Journey into your imagination or the classic Reluctant Dragon.

Disneyland fans might think this is the 'next generation' of some of the Disneyland fireworks special effects. For example, Disneyland routinely sees Tinker Bell, Dumbo, or Zero fly over the Sleeping Beauty's Castle during the fireworks.  Here are just a few short video clips readily available on youtube, for those who have missed these sensational extras.

 But I suspect that this might just have other roots all together.

This flying dragon takes after Pinnochio. He's "got no strings", unlike Disneyland's Zero, Tinkerbell, and Dumbo, who are all firmly attached to wires that help give them the lift they need to pull off their pixie dusted flights.

(See the 3:37 mark for Zero's entrance)
That's right - this dragon actually flies complete unassisted by earthbound suspension systems.

To those living near the airstrip in Bakersfield, California, this creature may be old news. The Bakersfeild Californian first reported on the dragon in June of 2010. The patent for this dragon was filed in March of 2010, so this free-flyer has been in testing for over 2 years.

That begs the question though - what is the final use/destination of this beastie?

Here's a fun thought to let your mind run away with...


Lucky - Source
In 2010, Disney announced that Avatar would play a new role in the Animal Kingdom. The heavy-handed conservation theme in the wildly popular film would help to further punctuate that goal of the Animal Kingdom, so I believe it could be a great fit. While rumors have it that the expansion will break ground in 2013 and will open sometime between 2016-2018,  it might not be such a huge leap to say that Disney is testing out a technology that could help populate a Pandora-style land with seemingly 'live' creatures. If you combine this and the technology that brought our dino friend 'Lucky' to life, the sky is the limit! (Just as a refresher, Lucky was a completely portable Animatronic character who visited several parks before beind mothballed as his mechanics wore down.) Now, use of both would could be a technological nightmare and an expensive experiment, so I can understand if  Lucky really is permanently retired.

But then again, with a $500 Million budget, is anything really impossible?

This is pure spectulation, granted, but....

 isn't it fun to dream a little?

Video of the New Disney Dragon

Disney has been releasing a lot of videos of a Computer Animated Dragon Flying around several places including the Magic Kingdom.

There's a shot at the end of this video that might actually be the real Dragon apparatus that Disney is trying to promote. It's a crummy shot but it doesn't look computer animated or to good to be real.

New Disney Movies Added to Netflix Streaming Include

I don't think that this list is all inclusive. I'm pretty sure that there are a few Golden Retriever movies that are available but not listed here. 

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

The Rescuers Down Under
The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos

Netflix has inconsistently had Disney movies available but the selection was either not popular or very limited. I remember that they had Toy Story 3 for a while at one point but virtually nothing else. I think that this is a pretty exciting deal.

Disney formally had several movies that you could stream online after purchasing them on their own website. They've recently announced the end of their own website and I think that we can see why.

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