Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Wii W/ Mickey

I may be a little bit behind the times, but I finally got a Wii (thanks the My Sailor). We got it for the SOLE PURPOSE of playing Epic Mickey.

There are PLENTY of reviews out there by people who are far deeper into the gaming world than I am, but I'll try to give you an overview.

When I first heard about a game where Mickey could become "evil" and rat-like, I became very very skeptical. Afterall, look at the history of our main mouse -he's been the good guy, the hero, the bright light when the situation seems bleak! How could he become a rat? Concerned that Disney was turning away from one of their greatest stars in the effort to appeal to an edgier crowd, I was a little afraid to take it on as my first Wii game.

But I picked up the controller and I have found that there giggles for fans of Disney history. References t black and white cartoons abound. Yen Sid helps to set the stage, sharing the story of how our curious mouse got into the situation that he finds himself in. The only weapon is a paint brush that is filled with either paint thinner or paint. Heading into a warped world (that looks like a knock-off of Disneyland), Mickey can either thin or paint the bad guys in this world. Thinning them kills them (a-la-Roger Rabbit). Painting them turns them into Mickey's friends. Mickey obtains different abilities depending on how he behaves during the game. (I've yet to make Mickey a rat, so it must take a considerably evil mastermind to get it going that way.)

Though I've yet to complete the game, I would recommend this for the 11+ crowd. It's tough, but not so hard that it's impossible. It's fun, but probably most enjoyed by a classic cartoon buff (if you know who Oswald the Rabbit is, you'll get a kick out of this game).

One of the level's takes you through a warped, evil Small World. If you've ever had any less-than-Disney thoughts about the dolls on the ride, you'll enjoy this one.


Hope said...

We got a Wii specifically to get Epic Mickey too lol It's very cool, but as you get higher in the levels it gets harder/more frustrating to finish the task.

-J.Darling said...

Hi Hope!
I agree. The further I get in the game, the more annoying some of the control responses and poor camera angles become, but it's been a fun ride for a Disney fan.